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LUV BY Lyric LLC started as "LUV Hair Extensions" in 2015. The owner Lyric, always had a very high standard for what good hair was and was always trying new hair until she found what worked for her. After coming across a vendor that she loved, she decided to sell the hair for a higher profit. After purchasing 3 bundles to sell, she went to the fabric store and bought pink ribbon, tied it around the base of the bundle and posted her picture on her Facebook page with the price. Shortly after, everyone was shopping and she realized that she had a brand on her hands. After coming up with a name and getting an official priceless made, her business took off. After many years of being in the hair industry and being an entrepreneur, one thing has stayed the same across the board; QUALITY.


Whether you're looking for a go to hair brand to purchase your flowing bundles, or someone to trust to help you become an entrepreneur yourself, LUV By Lyric is your go to brand. 

Thank you LUV Girls for helping the past 7 years be nothing less than GREAT. 

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